A Metal Warrior Feminine look from Adolfo Sanchez this Spring/Summer 2014

It’s that time of the year again when new lines are released in the world of haute couture and one name that is much awaited is that of Adolfo Sanchez. The Spring/Summer Collection for 2014 released is in one word – beautiful. The outfits are edgy while being very feminine – a feature that is often hard to achieve. Especially if one is looking for designer-wear ball gowns then this is the Latino designer to watch out for. 


Adolfo’s signature carries a level of risk that takes style to a whole new level. His outfits make a woman confident and allow her to revel in her own beauty. The colour palette for this collection is that of metallic, black and white, as well as teal. It features a range of cuts going right from simple Custom bridal dress and the evergreen cigarette pants to the use of peplum jackets and figure-hugging bodices. What makes the whole collection stand to attention is the brilliant use of fabric. Intensely metallic coloured in nature, these fabrics are moulded to highlight the body and create structure pieces right from a bronze bodice to intense detailing on the shoulder, to high-waist shorts that hint at the nude form on the waist. Also on offer is a maxi dress that is panelled and accessorized with a cashmere coat, leather jacket that comes with the painted leather fringe and with detailing on the shoulder. There is a lot a fashionista can choose from.

The inspiration for this entire collection comes from armour, especially in the choice of textiles and the composition of an outfit. Chiffons and sequins were selected and then doused in a chemical mix to give them the required stiffness and malleability for a metallic finish to the outfit. Through the collection, one will find metallic outfits paired with soft skirts in chiffon, those with sheer panelling or with tight fitting shorts. The warrior look has been manipulated to exude feminity and strength.

As with every fashion line released, it always helps to get an insight into the designer himself. Adolfo Sanchez began his career in fashion really early, at the age of 21. His inspiration comes from Couturier Thierry Mugler. In fact, some of the outlandishness of Mugler’s work can be seen in the outfits set out by Sanchez. His work has always managed to get featured on the top fashion magazines of the world like Vibe Magazine and the Zooey Magazine, as well as the Icon Magazine.